Our frequently asked counseling questions.

& Clear Answers from the St. Louis Counseling Center Team

We know that, for many people, working with a counselor seems like a complicated and potentially stressful undertaking. Before you get started, you probably have some questions. Any member of our St. Louis team will be happy to answer these questions, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can also get the answers to some of those frequently asked questions we hear most often by reading on below.

You’ve Got Questions…We’ve Got Answers

How does this whole thing work?

  1. First, contact us by phone or email letting us know what you need (or what’s up, or anything else).

  2. Courtney (our wonderful intake person) will contact you ASAP (normally within 24hr) to connect you with a counselor who will meet your needs.

  3. The counselor will schedule a meeting with you and give you any paperwork you need to fill in (don’t worry, it’s pretty straight forward and we’re here if you need help).

  4. You come to your appointment (normally a 50 minute session) and you and your counselor discuss what brought you, the changes you want to see, and your counseling goals.

  5. Any billing and scheduling will be handled through your counselor who will guide you at every step.

Where and when do you meet with people?

We meet with people at our two St. Louis offices. Our offices offer a safe and comfortable environment where you can relax. We are easy to get to at 1715 Deer tracks Trail, Suite 260, 63131. (We also have some folks working in Brentwood). We have day-time, evening, and weekend hours, so your counseling sessions will fit your schedule. Let us know on intake what restrictions you have in your schedule, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

How often will we meet?

Counseling frequency varies depending on your goals and progress. It is common to meet every week, but our counselors may also suggest meeting more or less frequently as is appropriate for you. After the initial assessment session(s), you will discern, with the help of your counselor, what is best for you.

How will I know if my counselor is a good fit?

Counseling success does, often, depend on a good fit with your counselor. We are happy to offer a free 15 minute phone consultation, so you and your counselor can have a brief introduction, get to know each other, and make sure you get the answers you need to any further questions. If you are unsure after this consultation time, we will happily help you figure out the next steps, and if needed, connect you with a different counselor.

What should I expect on my first session?

At your first appointment, we will explore what has brought you to counseling, your unique history and significant relationships, as well as your hopes and goals for the future. In some cases, this initial assessment may take two (or more) sessions. Then, we will make a plan for your course of treatment to meet your goals.

How much does counseling cost?

We offer counseling services for a range of fees from $30-$185. Pricing depends on the work we are doing, the counselor chosen, and other variables. Often, when we only talk about fees, we lose the opportunity to hear your needs, and we don’t have the opportunity to help find you the right solution that works therapeutically and financially. To know more about our fees, please contact us. Payments can be made by card, cash, or check at the session.   

Can I use insurance?

We are out of network providers for all insurers. If you contact your insurance company, you can ask if they reimburse "out of network" mental health services.  Many insurance companies do reimburse for our services. Even if you do not have out of network mental health coverage, you may be able to count payment for your sessions toward your deductible. We can provide a diagnostic receipt (often called a Super Bill) to file with your insurance company to ensure you receive any benefits that are available to you.

What if I need additional help?

We work to refer people to the best resources possible to meet their needs. For example, it can be appropriate to refer our patients to visit a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or lawyer based on facts that arise during sessions. Releases can be signed to aid you in your work with other professionals.

Where Do I Get Counseling Intake Paperwork From?

Our intake coordinator, Courtney Loosemore, will be happy to assist you with the forms and paperwork that come along with getting started on your counseling journey. You can contact Courtney Directly by phone at (314) 632-6815 or via email at cloosemore@gmail.com.