Neurofeedback / Neurotherapy / EEG Biofeedback  (just different names...)

This powerful method of working together has been recognized in over 1700 published studies. 

Watch the video above for a simple introduction.


What is neurofeedback used for?

To bring you closer to who you really are! It is used to help people with many symptoms, and recognized concerns such as: 


  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Sleep

  • Migraines/headaches

  • Managing attention & enhancing performance

  • Emotion management

  • Empathy & Anger


What will this work look like?

We will meet to discuss your concerns and get a full understanding of your life and experience (Intake). Then we will take a "mini-map" of your brains activity, which we use with the intake information to decide on a plan for your training needs. Then we will start to meet regularly as you train your brain under expert guidance. We will adjust your training as your brain informs us what it needs through the EEG information! 

In more detail...

Everyones training looks different, and you will respond differently. This is expected and the training is adjusted as needed. Each session we will connect sensors to your head and ear(s) and monitor your brains activity. This doesn't hurt! You own brain waves are fed back to you, enabling your brain to learn how to function more effectively. 

Training frequency can vary depending on you, and we normally recommend starting with two 30 minute sessions per week. This helps your brain maintain the changes, whilst allowing for rest (and the rest of life to continue). 

Contact us to find out more and see how neurofeedback can serve you!