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Free Resources.


Not quite ready to commit to regular counseling sessions yet, but you know you want to make some changes? Take a look at our free resources. Below, we’ve included articles, sleep exercises, meditations, worksheets, videos, and more to get you started down the road toward leading a healthier and more fulfilling life. If you do want to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact the St. Louis Counseling Center. We’re here to help.


For Everyone.

Want to learn a new skill for tackling life’s daily challenges, start making personal changes, or just get a better night’s sleep? Explore our free resources, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with questions.

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By Paul Loosemore, LPC

Understand a little more about what anxiety is, and how it be handled!

By Paul Loosemore, LPC

Just a bit about depression, what is happening and how to recover.

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A guide to setting goal and achieving them. Not by us, but we like it!

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Paul’s Recent list

Books change lives… These ones have changed many.

Sexual addiction resources

Sexual addiction (like other dependencies) is a daily struggle. These resources can help you make progress.

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Get your Zip file

A full packet of tools, worksheets, articles, to help in recovery

A powerful explanation of porn’s impact on your brain

This video is from a TEDx event and features a witty, yet very informative dialogue about porn’s impact. It could help you realize how much you need the other resources we have made available…


For Clinicians.

If you’re a new clinician or you’re trying to grow your practice, don’t forget you’re not in this alone! We’ve included some of our favorite resources for providers at any stage of practice below.

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