Counseling Services in St. Louis, MO


Time for you. Focused on your goals we bring our expertise to this collaborative work. 


We are made to connect. You thrive when it occurs and we know how to help you restore love, and build intimacy. 


Change your brain, change your life! Your brain is phenomenal, and we can train it to give you regulation and relief, and a new experience of life.


Speciality Services.


Trauma & EMDR Work

Developmental trauma


Sexual, emotional, physical abuse


Clinically proven techniques to help the brain and calm the body from the effects of trauma. We take trauma seriously so that you can have your life back. From safety to freedom, we will journey with you uniequly and you need. 




Gottman Method

Affairs, pre-marriage,

relational problems, more.

Being in relationships is wonderful when they are going well. We approach them with great honor and know how they function. If you need help relationally we are here for you.


DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)

Skills Training (In conjunction with Deer Tracks DBT)

Individual Counseling

When emotions get the better of us life is hard. Their are proven tools, skills, and ways of interacting with ourselves and others that seem to change everything! Some people say it is like "getting your life back".


Sexual Addiction / Pornography

Compulsive behavior

Relationship breakdown 

Sex is such a wonderful thing and yet it causes many of us real problems. We are trained to work with you if you are struggling, or if your spouse or partner is and you just don't know what to do. 


Christian Counseling

Working with faith

A Christian worldview impacts counseling at many different levels. We welcome the hard questions of life and recognize how much difference it makes responding to the impact faith has on our lives.


Children & Teens


Family/relationship concerns

Emotions, depression, anxiety

Our young people are precious. We all do our best and sometimes still find them struggling. There is no need for blame and shame! We all need help and guidance. We are ready to work with the whole family.  


Eating Disorders

Counseling or coaching

Eating, weight, body-image

We all need food to survive and yet this part of life can get very complicated. From body image to restriction, we understand eating disorders and see the person behind. Come into a safe place for healing and help.




Regulation problems (Unable to benefit from

talk therapy, unable to cope)


The brain is beautiful. It can heal itself! Neurofeedback is a form of "brain training" that radically alters your experience and expression in life. From anxiety and ADHD to sleep and developmental trauma. Neurofeedback might be just right for your health.


Some FAQs.

Where? We meet with people at our offices, a safe space where you can be comfortable and relaxed. Check out the contact page. 

When? We have a variety of day and evening hours to meet with clients during the week. Contact us to find a time that suits you. Sessions often last 50 minutes.

How often? Counseling frequency varies depending on your goals, concerns and progress. It is common to meet every week, and more or less as appropriate. After the initial assessment session/s you will discern with your counselor what is best for you. 

How will I know if my counselor is a good fit? Counseling does depend on a good fit with your counselor. We generally offer a free 15 minute phone consultation with your counselor to have a brief introduction and allow you to have direct answers to your specific questions. If you feel unsure after this time we will happily help you find someone who is a good fit! 

What should I expect on my first session? At your first appointment, we will explore what has brought you to counseling, your unique history and significant relationships, as well as your hopes and goals for the future. In some cases, this initial assessment may take two sessions. Then we will make a plan for your course of treatment to meet your goals.

Cost: We have a range of fees from $30-$185 depending on the work we are doing and the counselor chosen. Often when we only talk about fees we lose the opportunity to hear your needs and the ability to help find you the right solution that works therapeutically and financially. To know more about payment, please contact us. Payment can be made by card, cash, or check.   

Can I use insurance? We are out of network providers. Contact your insurance company to ask about "out of network" mental health benefits.  Many companies do reimburse for our services. Even if you do not have out of network mental health coverage, you may be able to count your sessions toward your deductible. We can provide a diagnostic receipt, upon request, to file with your insurance company.

What if I need additional help? We work to refer people to the best resources possible to meet their needs. For example, it can be appropriate to visit a doctor, psychiatrist or lawyer. Releases can be signed to aid you in your work with other professionals.