What books should I read? Food for the starving soul.

Is your soul starving? Have you read a good book lately? I mean, gotten off of the Internet, taken some time out for your soul, and really read something?

Many people I have sat down with tell me just how much their life was changed when they slowed down and soaked in something rich and rewarding… “it spoke to me”, “it made me see it all differently”, “I feel more courage”. 

Just like savoring every mouthful of a delicious handmade sandwich is different from cramming in the next protein bar so you don’t get hungry. Good books are like food for the soul that can be savored, enjoyed, and allowed to enrich your life. If you are frantic, tired, overstressed, anxious or grumpy you can’t afford NOT to slow down and read something refreshing.

The best minds of our time can only be glossed over or gobbled up in short presentations and articles, but their books—well that’s a different story. You get to loose yourself in mystery, detail, understanding, and enjoy soul food.


But what is worth that commitment? What should I read!?

Well it depends on where you find yourself. Many of us need help, guidance, and someone to reorient us in our ways of seeing problems. I have put together a short-list of books that I have seen and heard changing lives. Not a gimmicky “self-help” style, but a substantive life altering kind of thing. Of course, some of us need time and space to enjoy a good fiction book and let someone else’s drama take center stage for a while! But if you are in need for your soul, here are a few recommendations:


1.    The gifts of imperfection. Brene Brown

There are few books that simply explore “just being you” like this one does! How can you, be you! Not play to the crowd, please others, or hide yourself? Brown has a answers and thought provoking challenges for you all the way through this book that truly helps people come alive.


2.    The Social Animal. David Brooks

Our humanness has been researched, studied and documented; Brooks impressively synthesizes a mountain of data and understanding into a flowing narrative that unravels many of life’s mysteries. This book will help you peel back the surface of our human existence and watch it’s mechanism at work. You will be awed and changed—I have no doubt.


3.    The Whole-Brain Child. Dan Siegel

Even if you don’t have kids, you should get this book! It will help you understand how we grow and what shapes us. This is critical knowledge that changes how we have compassion for ourselves, and how we can think about relationships. Especially if you are raising young ones, this book is a must have—it will likely give you something you missed in your own life that you can give to your kids. Your relationships will be changed, and you will be so glad you took the time!

You can find the rest of my list on our “resources” page. You can click here too. These books have been fuel for others and I’d love to hear how they do the same for you.


By Paul Loosemore

Paul Loosemore