with people, we work with beauty
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Cultivate yourself & Your Ability

Community, training, discussion & supervision - ("burnout protection" anyone?)  

We have a community that helps us us to flourish in our work, and we are inviting you to partake and enjoy the benefits! Whether you would like to partake in our peer-consultation, attend a training, or receive supervision (supervision for licensure), we would love to hear from you.


When did you last ask what you need?

Supervision to be in the chair: Talk to us about our options for supervision. Do you need a supervisor for licensure?

Help being in the chair: We are always providing training and resources. Our training schedule is up, and we host webinars.

Needing time in our chair: We have experience working with many therapists and other helping professionals. It is about help you continue to enhance yourself, and your life-giving work.

Consultations: Development is a never ending reality of life. We can offer you consultations as you need them. And we can help you navigate career decisions, like stepping away from your chair for the time being, or something else.


Our up-coming schedule of trainings, workshops & more: