Counseling Services in St. Louis, MO.

At the St. Louis Counseling Center, our guiding principle is simple. We are here to help people cultivate healthy lives. We welcome children, teens, and adults to visit us, and we can provide counseling sessions for individuals, couples, and families. If you’re interested in finding out more, please give our team a call or send an email. We’re here to answer any of your questions. Click on any of our services to find out more.


Think about your individual counseling session as time just for you. We can spend our sessions, focused on you, your struggles, and your goals. Our counselors bring their expertise to your collaborative work, providing a sounding board, objective opinion, and helping you to develop the skills you need to overcome all of life’s obstacles.


We are made to connect. We thrive through intimate connection, and we know how to help you restore love and rebuild intimacy bonds.


Our families, our kids especially, mean the world to us. Our counselors love to help families comeback together. We help individual family members, and the whole family unit with the goal of helping people see those they care about come back to life. When you visit us for family therapy, we can work together to help your family thrive.



Choices for your care


Phone Consultations




Online Counseling



Speciality services for individuals, couples and families.

During your individual, couples, or family counseling sessions, we may use a number of specialized approaches to help you make progress towards your goals. Below, we’ve provided some information about our service options, and you can click any of the services to learn a little more.


Trauma & EMDR Work

Developmental trauma


Sexual, emotional, physical abuse


It’s terrible to experience trauma, and not be able to shut-off your mind or relax your body. With clinically proven techniques, we can help you learn to do just that - relax your mind and body as you heal. We take trauma seriously, so you can have your life back. From safety to freedom, we will journey with you just as you need us to.




Gottman Method

Affairs, pre-marriage,

Disclosures after sexual infidelities.

Being in relationships is wonderful when they are going well. We approach them with great honor and know how they function. If you need help relationally, we are here for you. We know just how it feels to long for your partner to care about you again. If you are in that place, we can help.


DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)

Skills Training (In conjunction with Deer Tracks DBT)

Individual Counseling

When emotions get the better of us, life is hard. When our thinking just seems to take over, it is so frustrating, but there are proven tools, skills, and ways of interacting with ourselves and others that can change everything! Some people say the results possible with DBT skills training  gave them back their lives.


Sexual Addiction / Pornography

Compulsive behavior

Relationship breakdown - Disclosures

Sex is such a wonderful thing, and yet, it causes many of us real pain. We are trained to work with you. If you and your spouse or partner are struggling and just don't know what to do, we have resources and support for you.


Christian Counseling

Working with faith

A Christian worldview impacts counseling in many ways. We welcome the hard questions of life in our office, and we recognize how much difference it makes when you respond with faith. We welcome you to talk to us about your faith life, from the big picture “why we’re here” stuff to the everyday struggles like finding time for prayer.


Children & Teens


Family/relationship concerns

Emotions, depression, anxiety

Our young people are precious, but raising healthy, happy kids and teens can be a real challenge. We all do our best, and sometimes, we still find ourselves struggling. There is no need for blame and shame! We all need help and guidance. Our St. Louis counselors are ready to work with kids and teens individually or with the whole family. 


Eating Disorders

Counseling or coaching

Eating, weight, body-image

We all need food to survive, and yet, this part of life can get very complicated. From body image too restriction, we understand eating disorders and see the person behind them. Come into a safe place for healing and help.




Regulation problems (Unable to benefit from

talk therapy, unable to cope)


The brain is beautiful. It can heal itself! Neurofeedback is a form of "brain training" that radically alters your experience and expression in life. From anxiety and ADHD to sleep and developmental trauma, neurofeedback might be just right to help you cultivate your healthiest life.