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Start waking up excited and looking forward to the day

Between you and me, being a man is harder than people think. Men are supposed to know what to do, be confident, have it together, be exciting, make the first move, and succeed. Do you feel the sting of failure in work or relationships, or in your sexual world? I hear men say to me regularly, “I can’t live life this way, I’m stuck, I don’t know how to change it!” Have you ever felt something like this in your work or relationships?

You can change things, we can help

You want to feel confident, you want to have satisfying relationships and you want to feel free to enjoy your life. You can get out of the “stuck” place and start feeling better. Being a man is about much more than many people give space for, and it often starts with stepping out of the “hero games” where you have to perform, keep emotions in check, or whatever else you is forced on you. You can enjoy the best man in you. Let’s changing some of the ways life is working for you together.

We have the tools and knowledge to support you right now

Counseling doesn’t have to be a stereotype of crying and just feeling exposed (although it can happen at times) — there is much more to you than that, and there is much more to our work together as well. This is a space for you to figure out how you will thrive in this world with all the tasks, pressures and challenges you have. We know how to support you on that journey and are ready to do so.

Connect to a counselor to a get started on your journey


Ways men feel better.

It all starts with recognizing what is going wrong, and we work this out together. Our trained experts help you figure out what is actually going wrong, and then understand how you can start this going right. Is it sometimes to do with feelings—yes. Is that ever simply it—no. If your relationships aren’t working, or your career is stuck, or you can’t get up and motivated, or you can’t get over that next hurdle, or anxiety just keeps biting you, or … (we could go on for a while), then we can help you. You will make changes, and things will be different. This can be challenging and really rewarding work.

If you feel weird or reluctant to do “counseling”, then think of it as working with a personal coach. Our counselors/coaches/other men can help you work on all of the following:

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Anger (and confusing “blow ups”)

  • Relationship issues — both sexual and non-sexual

  • Struggles to function at work or in business

  • Confidence and self-esteem

  • Sexual behaviors/concerns

  • Feeling totally overwhelmed and stuck

  • Career direction

  • Identity confusion

  • More… (if we didn’t list it, it doesn’t mean that its not a real thing).

What Will mens counseling look like?

The first thing we need to do is understand exactly where you are and what your current needs are. We will talk with you about this during your first few sessions. Then, we focus your ongoing sessions on implementing change and resolving underlying tensions that keep you stuck. We may recommend techniques that are all evidence based and effective! We often work with clients in the following ways:

  • Understanding the impact of your current struggle

  • Making life changes that are effective

  • Figuring out the relational damage and impact

  • Resolving underlying causes and patterns that keep people stuck

  • Cultivating a satisfying life with close, intimate relationships and real joy

If you’re interested in working with one of the knowledgeable clinicians at St. Louis Counseling Center, contact us to setup an appointment. We offer flexible appointment times, so you can fit your counseling sessions into your busy day. We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals and lead a healthier, freer life.