Disclosures: for COuples recovery from sexual addiction & Porn

We are professionally trained and experienced, and have helped a large number of couples walk through the disclosure process. You are in good hands.

Disclosures are very helpful as you look to restoring trust and build a solid foundations for the relationship you want. It entails a couple preparing, having the one spouse disclose to the other the truth of their sexual behaviors, and beginning the healing process. With our help, this large and difficult task can become a relationship changing experiences. We have had couples reset, come back from talk of divorce and find hope from their disclosure experience.

Safety and trust

Relationships need safety and trust to work well, and disclosures are all about setting this up. When you don’t know about a partner or spouse’s behavior, or what is true or not, it is very hard to trust them. More than that, we need the people closest to us to feel safe and honesty creates this experience. We will help you prepare for honesty and walk through the process of establishing this in your relationship.

how does a disclosure work?

Good question. There are some common steps to this work and we will adapt and change to your specific situation. In short, we will follow the format below.

  • Meet as a couple for one session with one of our highly trained counselors to understand your current needs and the work that is required

  • Meet as individuals with our counselors who facilitate disclosures to do the prep work. For the person who has conducted the unwanted sexual behaviors you will understand your choices, their impact, how to be honest and how to be relationally effective. For the other member of the couple we will help you with the pain and self-regulation, prepare for moving forward, and support decision making. (We organize every step of this process clearly)

  • Meet for the disclosure session all together. One spouse will share with the other about their sexual behaviors and we will manage this process and how to walk through it.

  • Meet as individuals with our counselors again to debrief and facilitate critical next steps.

  • If required, we can also facilitate your further couples recovery. Many couples like to do this once we have this deep relationship established.

What we provide

  • A bundled process: We provide constant contact by email through this process so you can ask any questions and work more effectively, ultimately saving you time and money

  • Couple and individual sessions

  • The disclosure session - usually 2 hours

  • Practical guidelines for you to take home and improve the process

  • Paul and Lilian are an experienced team in this process and often work together and coordinate your care very effectively

How do we get started?  

Just get in touch and we will take it from here. Your goal is to take the pressure off of you and give you exactly what you need.

Set up your disclosure process today

Contact us to set up your disclosure process. Our team of St. Louis counselors is expertly trained to facilitate this process, support you throughout the process and help you build a new foundation for your relationship.