Individual Counseling.

A practice that has occurred for decades and changes thousands of lives. 

Watch the video below for some thoughts about the vulnerability of humanness.


What can counseling help with?

Counseling is a powerful way to connect with someone that is attuning to you, understanding you, and working with you towards your goals. A few examples of issues we tackle with people: 

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Shame & fear

  • Trauma, PTSD, Abuse (sexual, verbal, emotional)

  • Developmental Trauma & Neglect

  • Sexual identity, compulsion and addiction

  • Emotion management & Self-regulation

  • Empathy & Anger

  • Mens and Womens issues

  • Transitions & Adjustments

  • Work concerns

  • Relationship distress & Isolation problems

  • Family of origin work


What will this work look like?

Your counselor is here for you. Together you can make space to work through whatever concerns you have. This is a collaborative process where our experience informs how we support, challenge, and encourage you as you achieve your goals. 

In more detail...

Every counseling relationship starts with us hearing what brought you to us. Then we will spend time getting to know you and the origins and experiences of your concerns. This is really helpful as you begin to clarify and understand what you may need to cultivate a healthy and meaningful life.

Counseling lasts for varying amount of time depending on what you are working on and the progress that is made. You are always welcomed to discuss with your counselor your thoughts, experience, and needs. In fact, in this relationship it really helps the process! 

Types of counseling:

(But don't get hung up on this! We will work with you in the most effective ways. We just thought we'd let you know what some of them were.)

  • Attachment/Interpersonal Focused

  • EMDR (Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing)

  • Psychodynamic forms (developmental processes/family of origin impacts)

  • CBT (Cognitive behavioral helping tools)

  • Mindfulness and Interpersonal Neurobiology Integrations

  • IFS (Internal family systems)

  • Neurofeedback

How do I get started?

Simply contact us, either by clicking the contact button below, or give us a call (314-632-6815). We will respond to you as soon as we can, and our intake staff will make sure you get the right services set up!