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Healing the Trauma Brain With Gospel-Centered Therapy - A Clinicians Workshop $25

For Clinicians.

In a world riddled by the effects of trauma, the Gospel’s redemptive message can transform the trauma counseling process. This workshop addresses the biology and symptoms of trauma as a result of the Fall, and presents effective interventions to bring Christ into the heart of clients’ trauma healing.

You will learn tools, and experiential techniques you can implement right away to help your clients heal. Only $25/person (Students $20). Limited space so sign up today

Instructor: Paul Loosemore, LPC & Phd (Candidate), who has trained extensively in trauma work, and a Christian approach. He has also presented at the CAPS East conference on this topic. 

TO SIGN UP: Send us an email here.

Location: 1715 Deer tracks trail, Suite 260, St Louis MO, 63131.