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Advanced Foundations and Application in Counseling - Online Group


To enable therapists to truly understand and help their clients by developing a rich theoretical understanding of complex dynamics, and to respond with accurate and skillful clinical engagement that leads to lasting client change. This training provides up to 24 CEUs.


Learning outcomes

-       A solid theory to guide your clinical work

-       The ability to understand your clients in far more depth

-       The ability to weave assessment throughout your work with clients

-       Practiced clinical skills and interventions to help clients make lasting change

-       You will know when to use specific clinical interventions

-       A group of likeminded peers who will become a support for you


Who is this for?

This is for those younger in their development, or newer to this orientation of working with clients. PLPC, LCSW and LPC will all benefit significantly.



This is a monthly online group for clinicians who want to solidify and expand their theoretical understanding with likeminded therapists, and learn how to intervene clinically through live case-study. The instructor will give specific direction and case-consultation, whilst also facilitating the learning and involvement of peer-learning. These will be the clinical skills that underpin your work with every client, you will use every day, and with all types of clients!

Theoretical orientation: The group will explore a coherent and practical integrative theory of psychodynamics (how we respond, process and relate), attachment, interpersonal process, and emotional-experiential therapy. 

 The group meets once a month for a year, has reading/study between groups, and all members will present a recorded case-study at least once. Current learning will be applied to case studies and therapists are encouraged to openly dialogue about challenges in the learning and application process. The instructor will also provide case-study and examples. Interpersonal dynamics of the therapist may arise in their work with clients and may be addressed in the group to the degree that the participants are willing.

Those who need CEUs can collect 24 CEUs for total participation.


Prior reading/study. Usually one or two chapters from substantial sources in the field will constitute core-reading, and supplemental journal articles and resources will also be made available. All resources will be provided.

Online Group Time. The group will meet for two hours, and be capped at 8 members. The first hour will include processing of learning and short didactic elements. The second hour will include case-study and application of learning.  

Consultations. Further consultation and discussion can be scheduled with the instructor if desired and will happen outside of group times.


Each group session will cost just $45. The cost is kept minimal to facilitate participation. If you pay in full before the beginning of the group, you get almost 2 free groups (!) pay just $470, otherwise payments will be taken quarterly at $135. (Early sign up—before May 2nd—will receive $5 discount per group for the whole duration, saving $60, quarterly $120).


To sign up, email Paul Loosemore @ ploosemore@gmail.com, or call 314.484.6568 (please leave a message if you don’t get through) to express your interest.

You will receive follow up information and all the access details you’ll need once you are signed up.


Dates & Times

Groups will meet on Wednesday mornings 8:30-10:30am CST.

Jun 5th, Jul 3rd, Aug 7th, Sept 4th, Oct 2nd, Nov 6th, Dec 4th, Jan 8th, Feb 5th, Mar 4th, Apr 1st, May 6th.


Outline of Topics/Monthly Focus (may change dependent on group needs)

-       Establishing a framework to think about clients

-       Attachment, schema, and relationships

-       Assessment that actually helps you do therapy

-       Self-insight and growing awareness

-       How to focus clients on meaningful work and keep them focused

-       Using the feelings and relationship between us to heal

-       Trauma informed practice and intervention

-       Processing with the body and experience

-       Using meaning and values effectively

-       Generating change motivation

-       Case formulation and treatment planning (learning this when you know how to work with people first makes it seem much simpler!)

-       Summary of learning and integration


A Personal Note from the Instructor

I am excited to journey with you over the next year! This group is a wonderful way to actively shape your own clinical work without having to figure it out all alone. The group will be heavily involved as we learn and wrestle together. You will bring unique perspectives, skillsets, and a welcomed voice.

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7:00 PM19:00

Navigating Early Recovery (Sexual Addiction & Porn) - $135/Couple

For Clients.

Navigating the confusing and distressing early stages of recovery? In this workshop we will provide you a road map, tools, and the best process to follow.

We can't make it painless, but we can help you to make it A LOT BETTER! 

We will cover a range of topics in digestible pieces to give your relationship the vital support and structure that it needs. 

The cost is $135 per couple and will save your much more in counseling/coaching sessions down the road! Spaces are limited to sign up today

Instructors: Lilian & Paul, who both have specialized training with couples and sexual addiction recovery, taught on the subject, and gathered years of combined experience.

TO SIGN UP: Send us an email here.

Location: Webinar. You will be sent a link upon payment.

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5:00 PM17:00

Embracing Limits for the Holidays - $55

For Clients.

Have a merry Christmas and enjoy the New Year: How you can take control and change your experience. 

Are you tired of being hurt, disappointed and frustrated during the holidays? Lilian presents a master class in how to shift the things in your control to experience change and more of the rest you want during the holiday season. This is part coaching, counseling and self-directed change. It is a great blend of exactly what you need to change your holidays. 

TO SIGN UP: Send us an email here.

Location: 1715 Deer tracks trail, Suite 260, St Louis MO, 63131.

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6:00 PM18:00

Healing the Trauma Brain With Gospel-Centered Therapy - A Clinicians Workshop $25

For Clinicians.

In a world riddled by the effects of trauma, the Gospel’s redemptive message can transform the trauma counseling process. This workshop addresses the biology and symptoms of trauma as a result of the Fall, and presents effective interventions to bring Christ into the heart of clients’ trauma healing.

You will learn tools, and experiential techniques you can implement right away to help your clients heal. Only $25/person (Students $20). Limited space so sign up today

Instructor: Paul Loosemore, LPC & Phd (Candidate), who has trained extensively in trauma work, and a Christian approach. He has also presented at the CAPS East conference on this topic. 

TO SIGN UP: Send us an email here.

Location: 1715 Deer tracks trail, Suite 260, St Louis MO, 63131. 

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10:00 AM10:00

Monthly Peer Consultation - Open to Committed Participants

Join our team once a month for high quality, intentional, and focused peer supervision.

Don't struggle alone! We would love to have you join us as we all seek to serve our clients to the best of our ability together.

Let us know your coming: Send us an email here.

Location: 1715 Deer Tracks Trail, Suite 260, St Louis MO, 63131.

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1:00 PM13:00

Neurofeedback Introduction for Healthcare Professionals - FREE

Neurofeedback: The "brain healing the brain"  -  A Webinar

This profoundly effective technology can help clients radically improve their brains functioning, which reduces their distress! You will be exposed to the arousal model of brain and nervous system, and we will explore together how impactful changing the brains learnt patterns of functioning can be. 

In this seminar you will learn to:

  • Be able to see ALL of your clients through a new and helpful perspective--the arousal model.
  • Know what Neurofeedback even is, and how it is done! 
  • Enhance your understanding of clients and their symptoms connected to brain function.
  • Understand how and when Neurofeedback may be exactly what your clients needs.
  • Know how Therapy and Neurofeedback combine to form a formidable healing force. 

And we will answer your questions.

TO SIGN UP: Send us an email here.

THIS WILL BE A FREE WEBINAR SESSION. Log in details will be supplied to those who sign up.

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