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Neurofeedback Introduction for Healthcare Professionals - FREE

Neurofeedback: The "brain healing the brain"  -  A Webinar

This profoundly effective technology can help clients radically improve their brains functioning, which reduces their distress! You will be exposed to the arousal model of brain and nervous system, and we will explore together how impactful changing the brains learnt patterns of functioning can be. 

In this seminar you will learn to:

  • Be able to see ALL of your clients through a new and helpful perspective--the arousal model.
  • Know what Neurofeedback even is, and how it is done! 
  • Enhance your understanding of clients and their symptoms connected to brain function.
  • Understand how and when Neurofeedback may be exactly what your clients needs.
  • Know how Therapy and Neurofeedback combine to form a formidable healing force. 

And we will answer your questions.

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THIS WILL BE A FREE WEBINAR SESSION. Log in details will be supplied to those who sign up.